Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Highest Offer May Not Be the Best

Sellers who get more than one offer should be aware that the highest offer isn’t necessarily the best offer, say experienced practitioners.
In this tough market, going with the buyer who has enough cash to pay a large down payment and who won’t be scared away if the inspection uncovers some needed repairs is often the wise choice.
Practitioners should encourage sellers to review all the terms and conditions of the sales contract. In some areas, the allocation of fees can take a big bite out of the net proceeds. While most contracts are written to reflect that, it isn’t always the case.
Also, the closing date in the offer should be considered carefully. A buyer who can close quickly can save a seller thousands. Offers contingent on the sale of another property are particularly suspect in this market.

Source: Inman News, Dian Hymer (12/28/2009)

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