Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome To 2011!

Hope all of you had a great Holiday Season, and are looking forward to a super year in 2011. In comparing 2010 against 2009 “Closed Volume” of sales increased during 2010! In 2009 Closed Volume was $31,455,506 where as in 2010 Closed Volume was $32,797,444 that is over 1.3 Million increases in Closed Volume!

This is the first upturn in Closed Volume in 4 years! I firmly believe the worst is behind us and we are surely starting to recover. More and more we are hearing evidence of a recovery in the media, reporting an increase in overall spending and the first decline in the unemployment rate in several years. We have in fact crossed the bottom of the troth and are on an upward cycle!

Changes in the House and Senate during the mid-term elections this last fall have clearly made a majority of the American People feel more comfortable spending. With the dollar being weak and being a buyers market it likely won’t take buyers/investors long to see how they can take advantage of the market as it begins to cycle more positively.

Savvy investors want to get double the bang out of their buck, when the dollar begins to rebound investing in Real Estate will do just that. Investors can purchase properties at today’s fantastic prices while enjoying the increase in property values as the dollar rebounds. Many indications predict a sharp rebound in 2011 and even more so in 2012.

Moral of the story: Do everything you can everyday to prepare so your 2011 will be the best ever. 2011 will be a much better year, motivate yourself and watch your “Closed Volume” grow!

Scott Joyner
Northwest National CEO
Cell - 406-223-6039 Office 1-800-685-1025

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