Monday, December 10, 2018

SALE PENDING! Springs & Creeks 160 Acres Behind A Locked Gate Bordering Public Land

This amazing property has 2 creeks and numerous springs bordering a State Forest with elk and deer hunting all tucked away in your own private wet and wild forested basin for maximum peace and quiet. There are two creeks on this property that form some of the headwaters of Cramer Creek. And there are numerous springs that pour out of the ground right on the property and feed these creeks. There’s an amazing building site right next to one of the creeks where you can sit on the porch and relax to the sound of the creek flowing by. This setting is hard to find with this kind of water and this kind of solitude. If you want to get away from it all and get out in the woods where you can be all to yourself, this is the property to do it. You’re tucked away in your own basin on your own property behind a locked gate where the public can’t drive by and bother you. Only your friends and family will be able to visit and enjoy what you have. Build your cabin in the forested Garnet Mountains of Montana and enjoy to your hearts content. You’re about 2 miles beyond the county road, and the county doesn’t plow the road from there down either. So you’re way back in the mountains about 8 miles from pavement and civilization. Yet power and phone are only 2 miles away. The property also borders thousands of acres of a State Land for extra room to roam. You can hunt and hike right out onto the State Land. In fact, the property comes with about 3 miles of easement roads to drive right out on the State Land and access higher portions of the property or head down to Cramer Creek Road. There are alot of viewing points to glass the surrounding hillsides for elk and deer, quick and easy from the comfort of your pickup or side-by-side. It’s amazing to have this kind of access all behind locked gates on the State Land where the public has no motorized access. Talk about a great hunting set up for elk, deer, and whitetails. And if that’s not enough, the property also borders Stimson Lumber lands on two additional sides which is also open for hunting and recreating. That gives you all kinds of options and places to go. Bring your livestock too. Your horses and cows can graze on the slopes of mixed grass and forest lands. The property has a variety of age classes of Douglas-fir, Western Larch, Lodgepole Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Spruce, and Alpine Fir trees that are nicely spaced in most places which leaves plenty of room for the forbs, flowers, and grasses as well. The elk and deer use it too, it’s got food, cover, and plenty of water. The property is in Hunting District 292 where there are general elk tags and over-the-counter cow elk tags along with extended seasons. It’s also in what is called an unlimited mule deer hunting district, which means you can get a permit every year, but you can only hunt that hunting district for mule deer which limits the number of hunters that decide to hunt there and grows more and bigger bucks than a general hunting district. The property is about 38 miles east of Missoula, Montana. It’s about 8 miles to Interstate 90 from the property and then 30 miles to Missoula from there for fuel, groceries, and all the modern conveniences. It’s also only 8 miles to the Clark Fork River, 13 miles to Rock Creek, and 25 miles to the Blackfoot River for some of Montana’s best trout fishing. Call Scott Joyner today for your private showing at 406-223-6039. Priced at $225,000.

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