Wednesday, July 22, 2020

SOLD! Wise River, Montana Property Near The Big Hole River Building Sites In Place


Montana property out in the National Forest, with old miners structure, in two parcels, with elk and deer, trees, and it’s all near the Big Hole River. Here’s your chance to own a unique and historic piece of Montana land out in a huge National Forest. This is one you can brag about to your friends. The property is right out in the Beaverhead Deer Lodge National Forest. It doesn’t quite border National Forest directly, but has a National Forest road right to the property so you can enjoy all the National Forest lands have to offer. And you’re camped right out in the forest with good ole Mother Nature. There’s National Forest in all directions you can go take advantage of. Hunting, hiking, fishing, ATVing, or just 4-wheel driving. There’s all kinds of opportunity and tens of thousands of acres you can do it on all right at your back door. The old historic miner’s structure on this property has chutes and hinges that appear to have been used to sort and load material from a couple of mining sites on the property. It makes you sit there in awe and contemplate all the history this structure must have been a part of. Think of all the different ways it could be restored and made a centerpiece of your new property in the mountains of Montana. It just needs that right person to come along and show it the appreciation it deserves. The property is already in two parcels one called Waseogo and the other called North Pacific. It has a separate private driveway going to each and leveled building or camping sites on each. This gives you plenty of options for camping with friends and family or building a cabin or two in the mountains. Since it’s already in two parcels it also gives you the ability to split your new found Montana property with a family member or friend or you can do a boundary relocation and change the shape of the parcels to fit your individual needs. Or keep it all for yourself and make everybody else jealous. Regardless you’ve got options with it already being in two parcels. It’s all ready to camp or build your dream cabin to get away to and relax in the woods. The setting is amazing with all the trees and wildlife up in the mountains of the Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest. Both parcels are completely forested and just have a great look and feel to it that you have to experience firsthand. You can hunt right on your property or take off on to the National Forest from there. The deer and elk tags are general tags that are easier to get and be able to hunt year after year. The elk tag is either sex too, so you can shoot a bull or a cow with it, and there’s even a second cow elk tag you can draw for more opportunity. With all the National Forest around, you’re going to have plenty of country to find them in. Fishing is just 7 miles back down the road too on the Big Hole River. Known for its great trout fishing and floating. Wise River is only 12 miles away as well. That’s not to mention all the high mountain lakes you can drive, hike, or ride to here in the Pioneer Mountains. The hard part will be deciding since there’s so many choices. The property is only 7 miles from the small town of Dewey, Montana and Highway 43. Wise River is only 12 miles away, and Butte, Montana with all the amenities and airport is only 40 miles. So you’re back in the hills where it’s nice and secluded, but only a short distance out to the pavement and towns. At 7700 feet the property does get snowed in during the winter, so its recreational land at its finest. Forested properties in this kind of location and setting out in the National Forest with relatively easy access are hard to find. Let alone one with this kind of history. Call Scott Joyner at 406-223-6039 to learn more and visit about purchasing this great Montana property. Priced at $79,850.

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