Wednesday, December 23, 2020

NEW LISTING! 458 Acres Bordering Public Land Near Bozeman & Helena, MT Several Springs, Pond & A Creek

In the Elkhorn Mountains bordering BLM lands, with several springs, a small spring-fed pond, elk, deer, and bighorn sheep, trees, solitude, and great views for miles, you can’t go wrong. Here it is. Properties in the Elkhorn Mountains are sought after and don’t come available often. This is Montana’s own Elkhorn mountains in the fabled 380 Hunting District where the bulls grow big and numerous. The bull tag is hard to draw which grows the big bulls the Elkhorn’s are well known for, but there’s also a general spike bull and cow elk season along with various other cow elk tags that can be drawn for more opportunity year in and year out. The property is in what is called an unlimited mule deer tag area too which means you can get a permit every year, but you can only hunt that hunting district for mule deer which ends up limiting the number of hunters that decide to hunt there and grows more and bigger bucks than a general hunting district. The Elkhorn Mountains are also well known for their great horn hunting as well with those big shed horns being dropped in the mountains here every year. And with this property you’ll have your very own piece of heaven right out in the Elkhorn’s where everybody will be jealous of what you have and what they could only wish they’d found out was for sale. This property borders BLM land too for extra land right next to you to enjoy and hunt and recreate on. Its bonus land right out your back door for even more opportunity and elbow room. You’ll see elk right on your property and the surrounding hills along with mule deer and bighorn sheep too. They all call these foothills their home and drift back and forth across the meadows and timber filled draws as they enjoy the food, shelter, and water these hills provide. And the pictures of those three beautiful bighorn rams were taken right on this property the very first time I set foot on it. What an experience! It’s all super secluded and private too behind a locked gate. There are numerous choices to build a home or dream cabin from down in the timbered draw bottoms to up on the tops of the ridges where the views are stellar. It’s all up to you to decide. You could build or camp down in a secluded basin with trees and a small spring-fed pond. The springs trickle out of the ground here right in to the pond which could be developed and used at the great cabin site tucked away in the trees right next to the pond. The cabin site area is already relatively level so it’s ready to build or bring in your camper and enjoy whenever you like with easy access to the water. There are at least three other springs in Keating Gulch with building sites there as well. Several areas have already been cleared and are ready to build. The property is accessed off Keating Gulch Road which is a county road and then through a private gated road. There’s a good road system in place where along with the roads up the draw bottoms, you can wind your way up a semi-steep road in places to the upper reaches of the property where the views are amazing. When you get to the top, you’ll have superb 360-degree ridge top views of the entire area. You’ll be able to see the Elkhorn Mountains in all their glory along with the Big Belt Mountains, the Bridger Mountains, the Gallatin Mountain Range, the Tobacco Root Mountains and more. You can see the Missouri River drainage south of Townsend, Montana too. You’ll be able to spot elk, deer, and bighorn sheep from here for sure. There are numerous level spots to build a cabin or park your camper and start enjoying right away. It’s only a matter of picking the spot and the views you like the most. The property is only about 4 miles down Keating Gulch Road to the small town of Radersburg where the pavement begins, and it’s only 10 miles to Highway 287 and the Missouri River from there. Townsend, Montana is only about 25 miles away from the property with gas, food, amenities and fishing and water sports on Canyon Ferry Lake. Bozeman, Montana with an airport, Costco, Walmart and more is only about 68 miles away. In just over an hour you can be from the Bozeman to the relaxation and privacy of the property. And Helena, Montana the state capitol is only about 64 miles away as well. This is a rare opportunity to own property in the Elkhorn Mountains along with water, wildlife, views and bordering BLM land. It has what everybody is looking for. The quickest way to get Info on this property is to call Scott at 406-223-6039 to find out more about the purchasing this unique Elkhorn’s property. Priced at $990,000.

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