Friday, April 28, 2023

NEW LISTING! Bordering The Missouri River Bordering Public Land Power On Site

Missouri River frontage with fishing, boating, hunting, and power bordering BLM land out in the country between Great Falls, Montana and Fort Benton, Montana. 10.8 acres for sale in Carter, Montana. Land in Montana on the banks of the Missouri River isn’t easy to come by. This is your chance to own Missouri River frontage out in the country sides of Montana. It bears repeating, this property has Missouri River frontage. This amazing Montana property borders the Missouri River for 338 feet and gives you more than 10 acres of mostly level land you could build your Montana cabin or home on. You’ll have the mighty Missouri River right out your front door to see, hear, and go fishing or boating on any time you want. The Missouri River is known for its renowned trout, walleye, and pike fishing among other fish like small mouth bass, carp, catfish, and more. By owning river frontage, you’ll have easy access to the river to enjoy day in and day out. Just step out the front door of your cabin with your fishing pole in hand and take to the river for relaxation and fun as you catch the big ones in the waters of the Mighty Mo (Missouri). There are geese, ducks, and other waterfowl as well as bald and golden eagles that all use this stretch of the Missouri River for the valuable food and water it provides. The eagles can be seen gliding along the banks of the Missouri River looking for food or soaring along the bluffs on the opposite side of the river making it seem so effortless to look down on everything from above. The deer and antelope in the area also use the river for the valuable water and nourishment it provides. That is evidenced by the trails you can see on the bluffs across the river on the BLM land there. You can watch them from the cabin on your property and during hunting season, you can hunt that BLM land that borders your land just across the river. In fact, they’ll be within range during the general hunting season as they come down to water at the river. Just wait and watch them from your picture windows. The property also sits kitty corner to a section of State Land in the area. And if that’s not enough, the access road leading to the property goes through BLM land you can hunt and hike on too. There’s plenty of other BLM and State lands in the area in addition to that as well as block management areas that are open to hunting on private lands. The area is also well known for its fantastic pheasant and upland game bird hunting. You’ll see ring necked pheasants and the other game birds just standing along the roads leading to your property on the Missouri. You can’t go wrong with this one. Bring your friends and family so they can enjoy your piece of the Missouri River and the surrounding countryside too. They’ll wish they were lucky enough to own such an amazing property. Well actually they can too as there are additional lots available bordering this property with package deals available for purchasing more than one lot at a time. There’s power right on the property already, so it’s literally just a matter of picking your spot to start your adventure. There’s already a year round residence in the area so whether your interests are seasonal fun on the river or taking advantage of the property year-round, you’ve got all the options. You’re only about 20 miles on mostly improved gravel roads from the small town of Highwood, Montana. And Great Falls, Montana with its international airport and other amenities is about 47 miles away of which about 21 miles is improved gravel road and 26 miles is highway. Or from around April through November of each year you can take the free ferry crossing of the Missouri River at Carter’s Ferry which is only about 2 miles up the river from the property. Going this route, it’s about 36 miles to Great Falls with about 9 miles of mostly improved gravel road and 27 miles of highway. Carter’s Ferry has been ferrying people across the Missouri River for over one hundred years and is a fun way to get to the property and shave some miles off the trip to Great Falls. Land with Missouri River frontage and power bordering BLM land with wildlife and water sports is an amazing find. To purchase this great riverfront property or to find out more information call Scott Joyner at 406-223-6039. Priced at $298,850.


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