Monday, June 24, 2024

SOLD! Bordering National Forest Near Bozeman, MT Building Site Installed


Land in the coveted Elkhorn Mountains of Montana bordering the National Forest with a cabin site, seasonal creeks, elk and deer hunting, trees, and views. This great 20 acres of land borders the National Forest on two sides of the Helena National Forest. I say actually because it’s extremely rare to find land like this out in the Elkhorn Mountains that borders the National Forest. The Elkhorns are a highly sought-after mountain range because of their big elk and lots of elk. People come from all over to get a chance to hunt the Elkhorns and search for elk sheds in the spring because the elk and the country are so phenomenal. This is one of those unique opportunities to own land in the Elkhorn Mountains that you’ll look back on for decades to come and be glad you seized the opportunity to buy this property. The elk get so big here, and they’re so well-known because the bull tags are on a limited draw and are hard to get. This allows the age structure to be higher, the bulls to be bigger, and there can be more of them than on regular public land. That’s all part of what makes the shed hunting in the spring so good. You won’t draw the bull tag very often, but you’ll enjoy seeing and hearing the elk because of it. There are plenty of general tag spike and cow elk hunting opportunities in the elkhorns, additional second cow tags you can draw, and deer to keep you busy hunting them throughout the season. The property not only borders the National Forest on two sides, but you’re way out in the National Forest, so you can take off in literally any direction and have tens of thousands of acres of National Forest lands to hunt, hike, and recreate on. There’s a system of roads throughout the Elkhorns for driving, ATVing, and hiking trails that provide lots and lots of access and opportunities. It’s an outdoorsman’s dream come true. The Elkhorn Mountains are so picturesque with their rolling topography and open parks framed by all their expanses of forested hillsides. There are fantastic views of the Elkhorns and that’s not to mention the distant mountain peaks of other Montana mountain ranges like the Bridger Mountains. You’re up high where the views go on for miles and miles. The mountainsides seem to gush with springs and water as the snow comes off in the Spring. The property has several seasonal creeks and possibly a year-round creek in the wetter years, including some boggy areas with willows that tend to stay wetter throughout the year. The property also has those lush meadows the Elkhorns are known for where the elk and deer come to feed. And there’s a fantastic cabin site that’s already been leveled, and it’s ready to build that cabin in the mountains you have always dreamed of. You can point those picture windows in the direction of the views you like the most. Or you can instantly pull in your camper and enjoy the weekends and your new Montana mountain property. Invite your friends so they can enjoy it too and see what a great place you were lucky enough to buy in the Elkhorn Mountains. They’ll be jealous, for sure. The property is accessible by semi-rough Forest Service roads in the summer and fall, and the roads are gated and closed to motorized use from December 2nd to May 15th every year to keep from disturbing critical wildlife winter range. So, this is not a year-round property. The Forest Service-controlled gate sits about 3 miles further down the Indian Creek drainage. You could certainly hike, snowshoe, or ski in to visit your cabin and enjoy the solitude during the winter months. The property is primarily snowed in when the gates are closed anyway, so plan on a prime recreational property for use during the glorious summer and fall months in the Elkhorns. You’ll certainly yearn to return every May and start enjoying once again as the snow comes off, the grass greens back up, and the mountain flowers pop up yearly. Being way out in the National Forest, this is an off-the-grid property with no power close by. But the property sits only about 15 miles west of Townsend, Montana, on dirt and gravel roads, so it’s not far to head back to town for supplies and gas whenever you want. And Canyon Ferry, with all its great fishing and water sports, is right there at Townsend, too, along with fishing and floating on the Missouri River. Helena, Montana, is only about 35 miles further north from Townsend, and Bozeman, Montana, is about 65 miles south. Both have even more amenities and international airports along with more of the best hunting and fishing opportunities Montana has to offer. It’s an amazing location and a great place to own your piece of Montana heaven. This is one of those rare opportunities you won’t want to regret missing, so don’t wait because it won’t last long. Call Scott Joyner today at 406-223-6039 to lock in your special place in the Elkhorn Mountains. Priced at $177,380.

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