Friday, March 13, 2015

Price Reduced! Scheffy's General Store and Motel in the Upper St. Joe River Area, Idaho

About 22 years ago Ben and Melissa Scheffelmaier started a venture in the wild upper St. Joe River country of North Idaho. What they began as a business grew into a lifestyle….And they loved it. Friendships have developed and flourished. “SCHEFFYS” has grown into a destination for summertime river users and snow time snowcatters. Always ready to help their customers and friends, they have become a lifeline and contact point for years of St. Joe travelers. Because the location of this business/lifestyle is so important, I will begin by describing Avery and the surrounding area. The St. Joe River is classified as a Wild and Scenic River. It begins at St. Joe Lake on the Idaho/Montana state line and runs west approximately 100 miles into beautiful Coeur d’Alene Lake. The first sign of civilization on trip down river is the town of Avery where Scheffy’s General Store and Motel is located. The St. Joe river is one of Idaho’s premier cutthroat trout fisheries and is a catch and release water. During the summer the river is a favorite for whitewater floaters as well as the casual family float trip enthusiasts. The surrounding mountains are home for deer, elk, moose, bear, mountain goats, cougar, wolves, and many other small game species. Naturally, Avery normally has heavy snows and is a snowmobilers dream. The Scheffelmaiers also have a trail groomer and the rights to groom miles of mountain trails that attract the family groups as well as the more adventuresome high mark riders. All of these activities appeal to outdoor recreationists from across the nation but especially North Idaho and eastern Washington. Approximately 50 miles downriver is the friendly full service community of St. Maries. Here there is a new hospital where excellent health care is available. “SCHEFFYS” consists of the general store and eatery (where you can find almost anything you need), the motel, and the famous “Fire Pit”. The Fire Pit consists of a unique building open to the patrons of Scheffys where they gather around a warm wood burning stove to cook their meals, quench their thirst and brag about their day. This is the main meeting place in Avery and super popular with Scheffys regulars. The Sellers are willing to work with you to make this venture as great for you as it has been for them. The Sellers would like to sell all three units, but are willing to work with you and sell you your choice of two units for $349,500 and the third unit would be at an additional price. Call now for more details.

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